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Boundaries get you there...

When we come to counseling, we often do not know this, but we are about to get a moment to check in on our boundaries and circles. Why do we allow certain people into us- into our being- into our intimate spaces? Connection is healthy is the usual response- and it is, but should the cost be so terribly high- I often like to help others to understand that boundaries get you there by giving examples. Do you share with everyone how you shower each day? Or not, that is if you prefer, every other day, do you share? OF course not, so the point is that boundaries help get you there because we all need a moment to process and plan our individual moment- if you fear being alone, check in on your attachment, boundaries, and circles- My mother used to tell me, "you were not born with a side kick" and I remember being so annoyed by this, but removing certain people and placing healthy boundaries with loved ones really helps you to have healthy and thriving relationships. Everything is not for everyone and that is just fine to accept- but if you still feel challenged when it comes to boundary setting, connect with a therapist who can help, you will not be sorry, ;; remember Boundaries get you there....

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