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#Healing through #Covid19

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

At the beginning of #covid19, I was in a tough place. I had just accomplished what I thought to be one of the most challenging aspects of my educational and professional career. At the same time, trying to heal from an extremely traumatic break up with my daughter's father. We were together almost a lifetime and I thought he was my best friend. Needless to say, #covid19 added to the isolation, challenge, and heartache or our having to be apart. Now, I could not even try to meet or socially interact with the outside word aside from on the internet. But, did I really want to? No, and so I made a peaceful and protective bubble while sheltering in place.....

It was not all bad,

I realized that I had to make my healing journey very real as time wore on, and I began to fully immerse myself. I began to attend weekly counseling sessions in January and just committed to attending remotely- it gave me a peaceful and non-judgemental outlet for healing. As a therapist myself, having therapy is supervision and support. I began to commit to exercise that I enjoyed daily, such as walking with my daughter, jumping rope, doing yoga, and focusing on my breathing. I prayed and still pray multiple times throughout the day. I cook healthy meals and have really become mindful about the meals as I prepare them for my daughter and I. I have acquired the beginnings of what healing means, but the journey is never complete and I know lifelong.... I am processing really enjoying each moment, but I am aware that each moment has not been enjoyable. I look forward to the aftermath of #covid19 and what the "new normal" will mean for all of us in the realms of socializing, ie. dating. I have become more guarded in the healing process and not so sure how that will be once things "open" up again- I say to myself, "trust the process" ..... "it will be okay again one day" and I fully believe this with all my heart....

Worrying about the unknown,

Yes, it is a daily woe... but, let's be realistic, we have no control over that which we don't know. During this time, the peace of healing has come through the process of letting go- let go when you feel anger, frustration, deep sadness, and when overthinking is overwhelming. Love you now and in this moment, if alone or surrounded by loved ones, love is #essential in healing....

It is not an easy task, having to heal and be okay through a world pandemic. Know that you have the strength and the ability to do it, the days will not always be easy, and in my previous blog, I offer some things that you can do to pull yourself out from the depths... returning to normal may or may not help with the healing process.

Remember, take your time with yourself

Don't fly off the handle, if possible

Be realistic with yourself

Use a feather.... I will explain in the next blog posting next Sunday....

Until then,,,, take the journey inward, your soul is waiting to have that conversation with you- Be well... Blessings... Shannon Cameron, LMHC

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