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A Safe space for Negativity and Anger, possibly

Why aren't we given safe spaces to be okay with the negativity?

In certainty I can surmise, everyone's cultural survival depends on being appropriate- but why? You don't want to shame your family/ oR, You must always be presentable... you must be perfect...

Can anger help you be perfect? No, anger does not help you "be perfect", but, when you give space to the anger and allow yourself to feel the anger /express the anger, something organic happens--- you don't carry it so much and you don't allow yourself to continue to drink the poison of anger/holding grudges/manipulative behavior/people pleasing. And even better you prevent yourself from getting sick and having hygiene challenges that unnecessary.

Are you angry at someone or some thing?

Is there someone or some thing that you need to work on forgiving and releasing?

If the answer is yes, I am here to tell you that my best recommendation for you to remedy this is to find a safe space container where you can feel supported as you Xpress release and process through your anger and rage, because walking with anger does nothing- it's a poison you are choosing which causes so much emotional unavailability to others and disassociates you fro the reality of living a good and peaceful life.

Do not avoid your anger. It needs a safe space to be processed. Do not avoid any negative feeling that comes up it needs a name in order to be tamed. It needs to be felt in order to melt. I say all of these things because we are way too dysregulated in today's world, and we have to do better. It starts from within, and then impacts the external.

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